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Who is Access Radio for?


Access Radio Taranaki 104.4FM is a community radio station. By definition, this means that the station exists to support and grow our community by offering a broadcast voice to those groups and individuals who don’t currently have the opportunity to broadcast to their own and other communities.

Any community group in Taranaki can make and air their own show; broadcast in any language.

Access Radio strongly supports the broadcasts of groups and organisations not represented in mainstream media including children and youth, women, minorities, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities.

This includes people who want to focus on music or areas of special interest that are not aired on other stations.

A community group is a group of people with shared interests. A community group can be anybody as long as you have a friend.

‘By’, ‘for’ and ‘about’ – are the three essential words in the world of community Access broadcasting. ‘For’ and ‘about’ are objectives of all public broadcasters, but the word that sets Access broadcasting apart is that little one: ‘by’.


In community Access broadcasting, the people are at the centre of the process and there is no editor.  Real people are making local radio that is vital, engaging, representative and unique, reflecting our many cultures and collectives as well as some of our most colourful individuals and interests.


Who will be able to listen?


Our Audience:

·         19% of New Zealand radio audience listen to independent community stations

·         Live-to-air reach from Mokau to Waitotara to Whangamomona to Manaia

·         Shows are live-streamed to a national and international audience

·         In our last survey we had 13% consistent listenership, i.e. a very diverse yet loyal audience

·         1200 followers on Facebook

·         Our shows are also available on demand.  Our on-demand stats are:

           -           Approx. 80 replays per 24hrs,

           -          Approx 600 replays per week

           -          Close to 100,000 replays in total

           -          Audiences from right across New Zealand and over 80 countries worldwide


 Who are the experts?


We provide people who will handle the technical elements to support you every step of the way to broadcast on Access Radio. In your area of knowledge/interest, whether it is speaking in Samoan or playing country music, you are the experts.


What does it cost:

Below are the one-off charges for each show that goes to air.  There are no additional charges for shows that are replayed and/or made available to listen-on demand.

$70 + GST for a two hour programme

$35+ GST for one hour

$20 + GST for 30 minutes

$15 + GST for 15 minutes

We are interested, what should we do?


Consider your broadcast ideas, discuss them amongst your group. Change will happen as we go – that is the way of it. Keep a copy for yourselves and contact us. Alessandra or Michelle will liaise with you to grow your ideas and provide you with more information.


Feeling inspired?


Be in to make yourselves heard. We would love to hear from you.

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