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1080 Awareness Echo

A show to create awareness and provoke discussion around the use of 1080 to control the pests of New Zealand forest reserves.

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This show aims to create awareness of, and provoke discussion around, the use of 1080 to control predators in the native New Zealand bush.

Learn about the history of wildlife in New Zealand, when and how the predators made their home here, and what affect they continue to have on our native flora and fauna. Is 1080 necessary? How does it affect our surroundings? How does it stack up against other methods of pest control?

Robin presents the facts, so you can make your own, informed decisions.

Presented by Robin Page.


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Show 3: Island Sanctuaries

Duration: 00:20:58 | Date: 22 April, 2018

Show 2: NZ Predators

Duration: 00:20:58 | Date: 8 April, 2018

Show 1: New Zealand's First Break-up

Duration: 16:44 | Date: 25 March, 2018