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Back To The Positive

A personal experience of dealing with depression and suicidal tendencies – what worked and who helped.

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Roy shares his very personal experience of dealing with depression and attempted suicide.  He looks into what worked for him and talks with some of the people who have helped him on his journey to mental wellness. 

Roy keeps this important conversation going, by also inviting others to share their stories.  A powerful reminder that we are all human, and an inspiration for those who need a little help to get Back to the Positive.




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The ship's going down

Duration: 00:30:07 | Date: 21 January, 2018

Keeping it cool this Xmas

Duration: 00:27:25 | Date: 17 December, 2017

Introductory Show

Duration: 00:28:09 | Date: 10 December, 2017

Pete Delete

Duration: 00:29:59 | Date: 27 May, 2018

The little things

Duration: 00:32:34 | Date: 4 March, 2018

Pete the Poet

Duration: 00:25:31 | Date: 1 April, 2018

Hug the lows To High 5 the highs

Duration: 00:30:09 | Date: 25 March, 2018

This, too, shall pass

Duration: 01:05:41 | Date: 4 March, 2018