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Frankly Friday: Past Episodes 2022

Anne meets with new guests every Friday to give a voice and platform to those in our community. 

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Anne meets with new guests every Friday to give a voice and platform to those in our community. 


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The Orchid Thief

Andy Bassett chats with Anne about the stories behind the songs on his new album, The Orchid Thief.

Duration: 00:56:36 | Date: 29 April, 2022


The man behind LTOBM, New Plymouth's Mohamed Doughty, talks about his new EP 'Licorice', his life, and motivations. Featuring the tracks from the EP 'Licorice'.

Duration: 00:57:44 | Date: 21 September, 2022

Ross Bennett, Artist

Meet Ross Bennett, this month's exhibiting artist in Access Radio Taranaki's ARTspace. Ross talks about his life, his style and his art. His paintings are a colourful, bold representation of the world around us.

Duration: 00:55:55 | Date: 15 April, 2022

Chamber of Commmerce and Circulate

Taranaki Chamber of Commerce is all about community connections and partnerships.
Today Maura Young, Partnership Manager for TCoC talks about 'Circulate' and their initiative that connects NFPs and businesses. Momo Martin, of Theory Food and Eat a Rainbow Foundation is one person who has been supported by Maura and the Chamber.

Duration: 00:55:19 | Date: 8 April, 2022

A Celebration of Spirit

Kat and Lisa from Taranaki cancer Society talk about the challenges and the highs and lows of running the Relay for Life. In 2022, due to Omicron, the event becomes "Relay Your Way". Kat and Lisa share stories of support and the huge spirit shown by the communities of Taranaki.

Duration: 00:58:37 | Date: 1 April, 2022

Mikaela Nyman and Lesley Dowding

We love a good story! Our guests Mikaela Nyman and Lesley Dowding are both gifted story tellers, poets and writers. Join us on Frankly Friday as we discuss the importance of stories, their upcoming workshops, and the Storytelling in Schools project.

Duration: 00:55:46 | Date: 18 March, 2022

Citizens Advice Bureau

Today's guests were Bronwyn Crow and Terry Heaps from the New Plymouth Citizens Advice Bureau. Tune in to hear all about the amazing (and free!) services they offer.

Duration: 00:55:46 | Date: 11 March, 2022

Turkey the Bird

Fancy some banjo aerobics? Tune in to meet Andre Manella, one-third of Turkey the bird, who have come up with some quirky ways to fund their next album!

Duration: 00:57:10 | Date: 4 March, 2022

Curious Minds

Peter Boyd, Programme Coordinator for Curious Minds, talks in-depth about the Curious Minds project - a participatory science platform that offers opportunities for collaborative, community-based, real-life, and relevant research projects.

Duration: 00:51:17 | Date: 25 February, 2022

A Passion for Learning

Meet Simon Singh, Director of no less than six companies, all of them born out of a passion for what the companies deliver. And all with a social conscience and a strong sense of community. They combine to offer amazing opportunities for Taranaki people to become innovative, self-motivated and resilient IT professionals with a life-long love of learning.

Duration: 00:57:16 | Date: 18 February, 2022

Safe Spaces

Leanne and Janine, from New Plymouth's Women's Center, talk about the support and services of the center, including a new initiative: "Safe Space Friday" - an evening drop-in space.
Kate from Cancer Society Taranaki, introduces their new show on ART, 'That C Word', which touches on everything about cancer: the good, the bad, the wonderful, the sad.

Duration: 1:00:01 | Date: 4 February, 2022

Dreams and Gardens

In the event of his retirement as a trustee on the Access Radio Taranaki Trust Board, Lynn Bublitz talks about his life and passions.

Duration: 00:56:38 | Date: 28 January, 2022

Be Prepared

Todd Velvin wears two hats. Wearing his first one, as group manager for the Taranaki Emergency Management office, he talks about being prepared for emergencies, in the light of the devastation from the Tongan volcano. In his second hat, on President of Fitzroy Surf Life Saving Club, he talks about staying safe in NZ's waters, after the high numbers of drownings so far this summer.

Duration: 00:56:43 | Date: 21 January, 2022