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Josh's Broadcast: Past Episodes 2022 - 2023

Life through the eyes of an exuberant, insightful, and slightly wacky 10 year old

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Josh loves to talk. 

He loves it so much that he often borrows the voices of other people and animals to tell his stories. 

Tune in to Josh’s Broadcast to experience life through the eyes of an exuberant, insightful, and slightly wacky 12 year old.

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Christmas Special

Josh, Tara, Sue, and Paula chat about Christmas, what Santa's been up to, and what Josh is getting for Christmas.

Duration: 00:29:06 | Date: 5 December, 2023

Youtube Catchup

Josh is back!

Duration: 00:30:50 | Date: 21 November, 2023

Joke War_Part 1

Josh shares the new Bounceback ad and has a joke war with Sue and Tara.

Duration: 00:29:32 | Date: 5 September, 2023

Sit Beside Yourself

Josh had a special guest, Ian Wallace, on the show today! They talk about Ian's barbershop and his music, in his band and solo. Ian then plays us an original song 'Sit Beside Yourself'.

Duration: 00:31:01 | Date: 21 August, 2023

Big Reveal

Josh launches his new business, doing massage at Bounceback Physio (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:55 - 5pm, $5 for 20 minutes), and asks Tara some questions.

Duration: 00:30:20 | Date: 25 July, 2023

The White Spider

Josh chats with cousin Nikau about the Haka Party Incident, missing dentist appointments, and the play a deep sea quiz.

Duration: 00:29:06 | Date: 27 June, 2023

Undiscovered Cases

Josh talks about the woolly mammoth, the bloop, megalodon sightings, and the colossal squid.

Duration: 00:29:36 | Date: 13 June, 2023

Guess the Sound

Josh calls his mates to play 'Guess the Sound'.

Duration: 00:30:07 | Date: 30 May, 2023

Mindblowing, Pre-historic Facts

Listen in to have your mind blown, as Josh shares some interesting facts about giant pre-historic creatures.

Duration: 00:27:50 | Date: 16 May, 2023

Astronomy Adventure

Josh is happy to be back after a long break. Today he talks about Astronomers, and shares breaking news!

Duration: 00:26:19 | Date: 2 May, 2023

Christmas Special

Josh and Jasper play the game and get ready for Christmas.

Duration: 00:29:36 | Date: 6 December, 2022

Busy Weekend Special Part 2

Josh and Tara play the game a bit more, telling funny stories about their weekends, and Josh gets ready for Christmas.

Duration: 00:31:26 | Date: 22 November, 2022

Busy Weekend Special

Josh, Tara and Aunty Katie talk about what they got up to in the weekend and played a funny game.

Duration: 00:31:13 | Date: 8 November, 2022

Fun and Games

Josh and Tara play some games.

Duration: 00:31:20 | Date: 25 October, 2022

Sister Special

Josh compares notes about school with his sister, Sammy, and plans a scavenger hunt.

Duration: 00:28:21 | Date: 27 September, 2022

Basketball Special

Josh talks about his trip to Auckland and the basketball game, and we get to chat with the Tall Blacks physiotherapist Todd (Josh's Dad).

Duration: 00:31:32 | Date: 13 September, 2022

Catch Up

Josh talks about his dad going away to Japan and Saudi Arabia, his YouTube channel and the places he would love to visit.

Duration: 00:31:36 | Date: 16 August, 2022

Birthday Special

Josh talks about his holiday and celebrates his birthday with us!

Duration: 00:30:33 | Date: 2 August, 2022

Josh's Plans

Josh talks about his youtube channel and bottle rockets, as well as his upcoming holiday.

Duration: 00:31:36 | Date: 5 July, 2022

Travelling Home

Josh arrives at his home sweet home and then goes on a big walk.

Duration: 00:30:14 | Date: 7 June, 2022

Taupō Holiday Part 2

Josh continues sharing his adventures in Taupō

Duration: 00:25:48 | Date: 24 May, 2022

Taupо̄ Holiday Part 1

Josh tells us about the first 5 days of his Taupо̄ holiday!

Duration: 00:29:11 | Date: 10 May, 2022