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Radio on Wheels: Past Episodes 2020

Hear the voices from around our region.

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Hear the voices from around our region.

Each week the ART mobile studio parks up in a different town around the region and invites people in to talk and tell their stories.  


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Care for a Cup of Tea?

Michelle Bent, ART Community Liaison, invites community in to the ART caravan/recording studio.


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Oakura 3

...and last but most certainly not least we have the 3rd of our Radio On Wheels Oakura shows. Honestly, so many interesting people to meet:-
-Adam Bridges, budding film maker, and Tom Butland, worldclass surfer. Two young men who are truly going places
-Rosie Moyes, who photographed the village during lockdown, and shares this work in her beautiful book, Oakura See-19 (what a perfect Christmas gift!)
-Dr Lisa Connelly and Jenny from Integrative Dermatology, on why Oakura was the perfect place to set up their clinic
-and it's all strung together with the beautiful music of Ian Wallace, and also Bailey and Nixon

Duration: 00:41:35 | Date: 11 December, 2020

Oakura 1

Last week we were warmly welcomed by the people of Oakura. They are a chatty lot, and so we were able to record 3 shows in a row. In this, the first of the three, you'll meet Barb Olsen - Proprietor of Lemonwood Eatery, and plant-based culinary pioneer, Lizaan Hale - Curator of the Oakura Makers Market, Bailey and Nixon - two very talented young musicians, Ian Wallace - Musician and Barber extraordinaire, and Craig Hattle and Mary Bishop - proud supporters of James' church Oakura.

Duration: 01:01:10 | Date: 27 November, 2020

Oakura Pt 2

They are a chatty lot, and so we were able to record 3 shows in a row. This is the second in the Oakura series

Duration: 00:52:51 | Date: 4 December, 2020


Today in Waitara we met some wonderful locals with stories to tell: Mike Kettle, of Beautify Waitara, who tells tales of epic murals and those who create them and Tracey Bryant, from Pataka Kai, sharing details of this year's Xmas Food Drive (and how you and your mates can help).

Duration: 00:43:18 | Date: 13 November, 2020

Arts Fest South Taranaki Special

Today is all about Arts Fest South Taranaki. Meet Lexi McQuaig, a young writer from Opunake High School who enjoyed huge success at this year's Ronald Hugh Morrieson Literary Awards. Also Michaela Stoneman, STDC's Arts Co-ordinator, who has great ideas on how to squeeze the last drops out of the festival this weekend. Our third guest is Steven Boothe,winner of the photography section at this year's Taranaki National Art Awards.

Duration: 00:53:44 | Date: 6 November, 2020


Opunake this week, and it's crazy how much we had to squeeze into one day. Listen to meet Bert, Natasha, and Daniel who are fizzing about the National Art Awards being held now, until 7th November at Sandfords Event Centre; Bert Treffers, wearing his Opunake Players hat, talking about Murder and Mayhem; Potter Laura Buchanan, aka Lulu, telling us about her craft, and Clay Club; and Amber Wright, recently returned Opunake resident, and Technical Archivist at Aotea Utanganui......and then there's yarn bombing, the Garden Festival, Arts Trail...Opunake is absolutely the place to visit right now!

Duration: 00:55:45 | Date: 3 November, 2020


Radio on Wheels brings you the old and the new of Patea. Young students Jamie, Ata, Noah and Talia share their colourful artwork, and Luana from Aotea Utanganui shares some of the colourful history uncovered for the Tales and Taonga exhibition.

Duration: 00:46:55 | Date: 27 October, 2020


We had a warm welcome, as ever in te Hawera this week. Caught up with our good friend Manawa, who is doing good in the community in too many ways to count. Then we met Noah, who so eloquently shared his passion for the cosmos, and gave us some great information on the Hawera Astronomical Society. Then we welcomed Heimo, proprietor of the new Upside Down Eatery in Hawera, who firmly believes you should be able to get breakfast and good coffee, at any time of the day!

Duration: 00:54:13 | Date: 13 October, 2020


Last week we headed to sunny Waitara and spent a great day chatting to:-
- Gardening guru Abbie Jury, about the historic Jury Garden, Tikorangi
- Chris Herd from Daily Amazed Wellness Centre, about raindrop and other intriguing therapies, and
- Fiona Clarke and Bub from The Waitara Project (Corso), about 30 years of keeping perfectly good stuff out of the landfill
We hope you enjoy the stories as much as we did. Music by the very talented Nganeko Eriwata

Duration: 00:55:19 | Date: 6 October, 2020


Meet the wonderful makers and growers from the Pihama Lavender Markets: Ange from Sweet Aggies Vintage Cafe, Anetta from Vagabond Bakery, Robyn from Pitcher Stamps, Rowan from Pizza Pirates, Pierce from Touchwood, Pam the pickle and Jam lady, and the incredible Liz Sinclair, the glue that keeps them all together

Duration: 00:58:01 | Date: 29 September, 2020


What a fabulous day we had in Whakaahurangi (Stratford). Hear the korero with Amy Kingston and Peter Boyd from Stratford District Council, with news on school holiday activities and more, Jason Kowalewski, Chairman of the TET King's Theatre Trust, sharing some surprising stories about the building, and a very clever plan, and Scotty Armstrong - musician, teacher, dad, and newly-minted Stratford local

Duration: 00:48:55 | Date: 15 September, 2020


Meet some of Hawera's most delighful and creative locals. Introducing Jenny Purdon and Cheryl Filbee - friends, and artists exhibiting at the Lysaght Watt Gallery's Post Lockdown Shenanigans show, Carl from South Taranaki Creative Space, also an artist, who loves to share his skills through workshops, and the lovely Mia, whose words are as inspiring as her harekeke weaving

Duration: 00:54:46 | Date: 8 September, 2020


Duration: 00:46:11 | Date: 1 September, 2020

Best of Winter 2020

We have John Muldroch Hawera – all about Ham radio; Mike Kettle and Waiata Healy – Korero about Waitara; Nelson Polutu – all about Tutaki Youth

Duration: 00:58:41 | Date: 25 August, 2020


Duration: 00:59:38 | Date: 18 August, 2020


A Maori Music Month special, with dedications and requests from the people of Patea

Duration: 00:56:31 | Date: 11 August, 2020


...and yesterday's trip was to Stratford. Helen & Mike told us all about the Westend Hire Stratford Street Sprints coming up next weekend.

Duration: 00:55:06 | Date: 4 August, 2020


Andre and Michelle ventured to Hawera for a chat with John Muldrock, ham radio enthusiast and Secretary of the South Taranaki Amateur Radio Club, Anne- Louise from South Taranaki District Libraries, and Jamie from Steampunk Coffee (who really does make a punking good brew). Listen to find out what drives them

Duration: 00:54:47 | Date: 28 July, 2020


Duration: 00:52:57 | Date: 21 July, 2020


In Opunake today we meet some incredible local artists and hear about their art, their stories, and their lives in this creative little town. Claire Jensen of The Brown Bach Studio, Emmanuelle Charmant of Little French Bird Photography, Tabatha Forbes of Forbes & Flay, Liz Sinclair of Pihama Lavender, and to mix it up a little, Mike from Coastal Community Transport pops in too.

Duration: 00:56:03 | Date: 14 July, 2020


Meet Katherine Bosworth, who explains there is much more to South Taranaki libraries than just books; learn from artist Michaela Stoneman about the Patea Pou Project, soon to grace the golf course; get the inside word on the Rugby and other sports clubs from Kate Murdoch, and find out who's running Cafe Fika

Duration: 00:55:45 | Date: 7 July, 2020


How good does it feel to be back on the road??? Such a great time in Stratford today. Our guests were Nelson from Tutaki Youth on the amazing work they do, Bridget from Stratford Library on school holiday activities, Rhonda from the Percy Gallery on Emergence Award, and Laurence and Leona of Fig Jam on art, slowing down, and creativity

Duration: 00:50:51 | Date: 30 June, 2020


Ella Borrows from STDC on Volunteer Week, Puanga, and the new Sound Mirrors in King Edward Park; Nikki Watson from Bizlink on supporting local business, and the upcoming mid-winter festival and Alison Smith from First National Mills & Gibbon on the state of the housing market. With music from the talented Wilforce

Duration: 00:48:08 | Date: 16 June, 2020


Danae Etches from Te Ara Whakamua O Whaitara talking about story telling for impact, murals and more; Paul Scowler from Wise Trust Community Garden; Vicky Dombroski from Waitara Alive sharing allsorts, including updates on the Business Breakfast and music from the incredible Nganeko Eriwata

Duration: 00:47:34 | Date: 9 June, 2020

Small Business Special

We can't wait to get back on the road, but for this week we've put together a wonderful collection of stories from business owners all around the mountain. Tune in to hear Patrick from Bratwurst Bros Urenui, Neil Pennington from Pennington Consultants, Okato, Liz Sinclair from Pihama Lavender, Chrystal from Chrystal Starr Soaps, Stratford and Kevin from Devil's Cup Coffee in Patea.

So many creative business people in one province!

Duration: 00:57:51 | Date: 2 June, 2020


In this Level 2 virtual visit to Opunake, Andre talks with Monique Sinclair - Opunake Facebook page, Lisa Beynon - Opunake Preschool Playgym, Andy Whitehead - Opunake Community Board, and Opunake resident and NPDC Councillor, Dinnie Moeahu.

Duration: 00:55:39 | Date: 26 May, 2020


A virtual visit to Patea. Damien Roper explains sustainable dairy farming, David Swanson introduces his Tigerlilly soaps, long-time resident Ruth McKay shares her thoughts, and Terry Tamakehu joins us for an Alert Level 2 catch-up. Stir in some quality local music and voila! Radio on Wheels Patea is ready for your listening pleasure!

Duration: 00:59:33 | Date: 19 May, 2020

Stratford In Lockdown

Duration: 00:58:03 | Date: 12 May, 2020

Hawera at Level 3

Celine Filbee shares her experience of volunteering with Civil Defence, Andrew Blanche tells us about the launch of Baked By Blanche online, Ella Borrows gives updates us on the STDC, and Linda Morrison tells us about Backyard Catering's foray into door-to-door meals.
Music supplied by the talented Wilforce

Duration: 00:57:32 | Date: 5 May, 2020

Waitara Revisited

Andre takes the reins again this week for the rahui version of Radio On Wheels, Waitara. Catch up with Vicky Dombroski from Waitara Alive, Pounamu Skelton shares ideas on growing goodness, both in your garden and in your mind, and historian Graeme Duckett regales us with tales of the Spanish Flu. All this, AND the beautiful sound of Naneko Eriwata sharing her music

Duration: 00:58:58 | Date: 28 April, 2020

Opunake Revisited

Duration: 00:44:52 | Date: 21 April, 2020

Patea Revisited

Some of the highlights from our times in Patea

Duration: 00:54:03 | Date: 14 April, 2020

Stratford Revisited

Radio on Wheels continues to bring you news and views from around the province, while staying parked up safely at home. Today we have a Stratford mashup in which we revisit interviews with Crystal Starr and Leona and Laurence from Fig Jam. Fortunately, these guys are all musicians, as is Scotty Armstrong from The Slacks, and they provide the music for the show.

Duration: 00:53:44 | Date: 7 April, 2020


Today's guests are Selene and Karen aka Glory Box, Rebecca Martin from South Taranaki District Council, and Hawera's Mayor Phil Nixon

Duration: 00:54:08 | Date: 19 March, 2020


Inspiring lessons you may learn from the people of Waitara:- that having a disability doesn't need to hold you back from sailing, how more than 600 country music fans spent a recent weekend wallowing in their favourite tunes, the similarities between Indian Ayuverdic medicine and te Rongoa Maori, and why Waitara Alive is encouraging community conversations

Duration: 00:59:08 | Date: 17 March, 2020


Mudsplatting, kayaking, fishing, golfing, swimming, messing around in boats.... It's hard not to love Urenui on a good day.
Parked up on the grass, we met Paddy from Darwin (who had lots to say but not into the mic), Bryce from Urenui Dive Club, Theresa from Urenui Beach Camp, Karen and Jelz from Cafe 487, and Thelma from the Bach Owners Association.

Duration: 01:00:19 | Date: 10 March, 2020


Listen to hear Monique's rundown of what's on, Liz Sinclair sharing the Pihama Lavender story, and Fiona Young explaining beautifully the principles of Regenerative Agriculture. Thanks Opunake for an awesome day out!

Duration: 00:58:35 | Date: 3 March, 2020


Hawera's time to shine... Meet Andrew, who calls his shipping container by name, Linda, who shares her beautiful Tairoa Lodge with the world and Manawa, as he presents Open Mic in beautiful King Edward Park. We also get a sneak peak at the new track by Selah Saints.

Duration: 00:57:48 | Date: 18 February, 2020


Featuring Gloria Webby from te Positive Ageing Group, Sally from Community House, Carol Spragg from the Family History Group, and our old mate Peter Boyd from the Stratford District Council. We also had korero, laughs and live music from local musicians Fig Jam.

Duration: 00:59:32 | Date: 11 February, 2020

Opunake Beach

Radio On Wheels begins a summer special visiting beaches around Taranaki. This week Peter And Michelle are in Opunake Beach
Opunake. What an awesome holiday spot. Great surf, friendly locals, excellent coffee and amazing vibe. Thanks to our guests Bryson, Ayla and Tatum from Ingelwood, and Grace and Campbell who are visiting from Wellington. And extra special thanks to Shelley and Julian from the Opunake Beach Kiwi Holiday Park, for your hospitality and icecreams!

Duration: 00:30:28 | Date: 14 January, 2020