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Title: Cosmic Spider Attack

Series: Space Wars #3

Written by: Adam Blade 

Age Category: Children (7+) 


Bestselling author

Join Harry and Ava as they battle the most terrifying space beast yet, in this third instalment of the thrilling new adventure series that's out of this world.

The community aboard the massive space station Vantia1 is in danger once again – and now their enemy, Vellis, has stolen the technology that could allow him to escape the Void and attack the station himself! When a massive space spider is spotted, armed with powerful lasers and the ability to spin deadly webs, Harry and Ava know they must act – but can they foil their enemy and save their friends and families?

'... just seem to get better and better.' (on Beast Quest: Sepron the Sea Serpent)
The Guardian

'Almost certainly a work of publishing (if not quite literary) genius ... Narnia meets Pokémon via Potter.' (on the Beast Quest series)
The Guardian


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