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CAB Time

A series of short 'phone conversations' to illustrate your rights and obligations

Airing time: 7:30am weekday mornings

It's CAB Time!

John Howes and his team of helpers from New Plymouth's Citizens' Advice Bureau have recorded a series of short (less than 5 minutes) 'phone conversations' which illustrate your rights and obligations in various situations, e.g. problems with neighbours, workplace bullying, what is 'diversion', and more. 

Listen in at 7:30am each workday morning for the next phone call.

The Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB) exists to help people to know and understand their rights and obligations and how to use this information to get the best outcomes, provide people with the confidence and support they need to take action, and work for positive social change within communities and wider society. The service they provide to all is free and independent.