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Making Yourself At Home

Stories, insights, music and laughs from all over the world. Meet some of the beautiful people who make up Taranaki’s vibrant international community.

Airing time: Mondays at 11am - live

Welcome to Making Yourself at Home! The radio show and podcast where you tell us your story about how you are making New Zealand and Taranaki your home. While we learn about and share your unique experiences and perspectives, we also like to discuss community projects, programs and initiatives that can help with the settling-in process. We are kindly sponsored by the Ethnic Communities Development Fund, a program created and supported by the Ministry for Ethnic Communities to open more spaces for migrants, grow their skills and celebrate their culture.


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Your hosts are Alina, Andreea, Simona


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Guillaume from France

Guillaume came to NZ to learn English after my 2 years in Uni. He was learning to be a salesman in IT, specializing in training people. He wasn't speaking a word in English when he came, didn't know anyone or anything about this country and this culture.

Guillaume is 24 years old, he has been here for almost 4 years. He traveled all around the country for 1 1/2 years before he settled here in NP.
Guillaume is curious about everything, loves learning new things all the time, and like history, crafting and sports, loves food and passionate about craft beer.

Duration: 00:59:01 | Date: 4 December, 2023

Kelly from New Plymouth

Today's guest, Kelly, is a born and bred Taranaki girl who moved overseas and is now back in Taranaki. She talks with Andreea and Simona about what it's like to be a Kiwi abroad, and what it's like settling back home.

Duration: 00:57:31 | Date: 27 November, 2023

Ronelba from Venezuela

Ronelba Blanco from Venezuela is a dynamic woman who constantly reinvents herself. She takes great pride in being a mother to three remarkable individuals: her daughter Wanessa, who resides in Auckland, and her two sons, Raf, 17, and Diego, 15. Ronelba has happily married Rafael for 18 years, and their family has called New Plymouth home for 11 years.

Duration: 00:59:17 | Date: 13 November, 2023

Sirine from Tunisia

Such an amazing show today with Sirine from Tunisia, full of great music and learning. Sirine describes herself as: "Originally from Tunisia, North Africa, she moved to Austria in Europe when she was 20 years old to study, and she has been living there for the past 9 years, before coming to New Zealand only 3 months ago. She has a master's degree in Petroleum Engineering and has been working in the oil and gas industry for the last 6 years. She is an engineer, a volunteer, a daughter and a sister. A podcast full of laughter and good energy, filled with different cultures, family, work, passions, travelling, food and many more.

Duration: 00:58:55 | Date: 6 November, 2023

Tom from Poland

Originally from Poland, moved to NZ early on (as a 6 year old - 1986). Have since moved to Australia for 14 years, followed by 2 years in London, 6 years in Taiwan and then came back to NZ 4-1/2 years ago. Married to a lovely Taiwanese lady and have one daughter. Working extensively in oil and gas whilst balancing side hustles.

Duration: 00:57:57 | Date: 30 October, 2023

Musical Diversity

Simona and Andreea had an interesting and diverse show this week with some great music as well. Talks about how the trip to Vienna was for Simona and some impressive 'hammer' classical concerts, but also some of the festivals happening in Romania and upcoming concerts that Andreea plans to attend. Not to forget how music and dance kept them young during their teenage times.

Duration: 00:57:10 | Date: 23 October, 2023

Christine from France

What an amazing show we had today with Christine Coppell, from France. Christine describes herself as: "Originally from France, moved to New Zealand some 27years ago. Married to a kiwi and has three daughters: Mathilde, Flavia et Lucie. Worked in the oil and gas industry in different parts of the world like Yemen and Abu Dhabi before moving to New Zealand."
A podcast about family, work, culture back home, music, passions, and many more.

Duration: 00:59:11 | Date: 16 October, 2023

Simona, Alina and Andreea Migrant Talks

Talks about school holidays and returning to school. Facts about migration worldwide.

Duration: 1:00:21 | Date: 9 October, 2023

Warren from NZ

Plenty of diverse talks about community involvement, places, and activities around Taranaki, and the favourite places of our special guest, Warren from Kapiti.

Duration: 1:00:25 | Date: 2 October, 2023

Alina and Andreea Updates

How is it to come back to your roots and return to New Zealand? A story about reconnecting with your family and friends, and the power of resilience.

Duration: 00:59:21 | Date: 25 September, 2023

Ameya from India

Inspiring discussions with Ameya about gratefulness, joy of life and travelling. A candid talk about his lovely family, and his many passions like cooking and hiking.

Duration: 00:59:21 | Date: 18 September, 2023

Ben from Northland

Today's show we had the opportunity to talk with Ben Crate, born and raised in Northland, New Zealand.
We found out more about how he made Taranaki his home and met his beautiful wife with whom he has three children, as well as having bought and moved onto a lifestyle block in north Taranaki where the dream is to live off the land as much as possible.
He is talking also about his passion for being a volunteer since 2012 across four different fire brigades.
An episode combined with traveling around Europe for two months, very good kiwi local music and family life.

Duration: 1:00:04 | Date: 11 September, 2023

Simona Andreea and Alina's stories

An energetic show with our showmakers; Andreea, Simona, and Alina. Great stories about Alina's and Simona's trips with Fijian music. Find out more about the cultural differences between Romania, Germany, and Fiji.

Duration: 00:57:25 | Date: 4 September, 2023

Nisha from Malaysia

Today's guest is Nisha from Malaysia, making herself at home at Access Radio Taranaki. Nisa talked with Andreea about her journey from Malaysia to New Zealand, her beautiful family, having 3 kids, and a lovely husband, her passion for working with people and how she learned to cook.

Duration: 00:58:57 | Date: 28 August, 2023

Simona and Andreea Make Themselves At Home

Did you ever think about food hours dine-in or food welcoming in Europe? Well, it appears that there are some interesting maps showing which countries are more likely to give food in Europe, but also in which time intervals usually people will dine-in. Additionally, in this episode Simona and Andreea have been talking about the wildlife that exists in New Zealand and some of their favorite places to visit around the country.

Duration: 00:55:20 | Date: 21 August, 2023

Stella from Glasgow

Today on our show we had our lovely guest, Stella from Glasgow, and discussed her job being an occupational health and safety consultant, and her hobbies -acting and needle felting. From nurse to mum of grown-up twins, wife, sister and friend.

Duration: 00:58:35 | Date: 14 August, 2023

Kadisha and Laura, Exciting Talks

It's been a while since Kadisha and Laura made themselves at home at Access Radio Taranaki. With their lovely energy and positivity, today they help Andreea to survive without Simona and Alina. Hear about Kadisha's trip home to India, Laura investigating Japan, and also about how their friendship lifts them up.

Duration: 01:00:03 | Date: 7 August, 2023

Simona and Andreea

In this 1 hour show you'll meet some of the beautiful people who make up Taranaki's vibrant international community.

Duration: 00:58:47 | Date: 31 July, 2023

Jennifer and Antonia_ImMaterial

ImMaterial is a community based print making project by Jennifer Halli and Antonia O'Mahony, that sets out to honour the invisible work carried out by household, care and domestic workers. Jennifer and Antonia talk about their project and even get the hosts creating their own print, on air.

Duration: 00:59:56 | Date: 24 July, 2023

Alina Simona and Andreea Make Themsevles at Home

A relaxing talk about winter in Romania and NZ and the benefits of music in our lives.

Duration: 00:59:18 | Date: 17 July, 2023

Gordon from the UK

We had today a lovely talk with Gordon, making himself at home from Britain since age 2. He shared his hobbies with us and his role in the Ngamotu Breakfast Toastmasters Club, his love for music and spicy food. 

Duration: 1:00:14 | Date: 10 July, 2023