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Making Yourself At Home

Stories, insights, music and laughs from all over the world. Meet some of the beautiful people who make up Taranaki’s vibrant international community.

Airing time: Wednesdays, midday, live

Kia Ora, Hola, Bună!


Welcome to Making Yourself at Home! The radio show and podcast where you tell us your story about how you are making New Zealand and Taranaki your home. While we learn about and share your unique experiences and perspectives, we also like to discuss community projects, programs and initiatives that can help with the settling-in process. We are kindly sponsored by the Ethnic Communities Development Fund, a program created and supported by the Ministry for Ethnic Communities to open more spaces for migrants, grow their skills and celebrate their culture.


Hi, I'm Alina and have been living in New Zealand for almost 4 years. I love connecting with people and listening to their stories. I m originally from Romania, my husband is German and we travelled around to the US and Europe and now loving the kiwi life.


Hola! I'm Laura, from Colombia. Living in NZ for the last 10 years. Loving Taranaki people, the green outdoors and everything else about it. I'm a salsa dancer, business owner, wife to a Chilean and mum of a beautiful girl. 


Hello, I'm Michelle, a fifth-generation Kiwi on one side, and first-generation on the other! I hail from European and South African descent. I’ve had my own time away reporting in Auckland, now hubby and I have since returned to our hometown to raise our three young pēpi. 


Welcome to the show!

Your hosts are Michelle, Alina and Laura


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Parisa from Iran

Listen to Parisa's stories about recent events in Iran.

Duration: 1:01:45 | Date: 23 November, 2022

Raman and Aseem from India

Raman and Aseem are Ayurvedic doctors and natural health practitioners, originally from India. They had moved to New Zealand with their daughter 5 years ago. They love spreading knowledge and helping the community. They are teaching naturopathy courses at Naturopathic College of New Zealand, New Plymouth, and work at their holistic clinic - AyuNature Wellness or ANW at 66 Gill street in Top Town.

Duration: 00:58:35 | Date: 16 November, 2022

Seneo From Botswana

Originally from Botswana, Seneo Perry arrived in New Zealand on the 1st of January 2022. Seneo was Miss Earth Botswana 2020, Botswana Best Youth In Tourism nominee in 2021, and is also a model and actress @Jam Talent. We were so lucky to have her on the show!

Duration: 00:58:43 | Date: 9 November, 2022

Werner from Austria

Werner arrived in NZ in May 2022 with his family. He enjoys the landscapes while travelling around Taranaki.

Duration: 00:55:51 | Date: 2 November, 2022

Chloe from New Zealand

Kadisha and Michelle talk with Chloe from New Zealand who is married to an Indian man from Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal. We talked about being in a multicultural family, pre-eclampsia, and being a new mum.

Duration: 1:01:08 | Date: 19 October, 2022

Olivia and Rita from Singapore

Sisters Olivia, 13yo, and Rita, 8yo, talk about how it is to move from Singapore to New Zealand. They moved here with their mum almost 3 months ago and are really enjoying people and places here.

Duration: 00:57:43 | Date: 12 October, 2022

Walaa from Egypt

Walaa and her family came to Auckland, NZ from Egypt in 2018, then moved to Taranaki 6 months ago to teach at WITT. Listen to her story.

Duration: 01:02:47 | Date: 28 September, 2022

Malcolm From India

In this 1 hour show you'll meet some of the beautiful people who make up Taranaki's vibrant international community.

Duration: 01:00:51 | Date: 21 September, 2022

Amelie from Belgium

Amelie arrived for the 1st time in New Zealand 5 years ago. She fell in love with the land and came back to stay. Listen to her story and some of her favourite things.

Duration: 1:06:12 | Date: 14 September, 2022