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Talking About Seeing

Providing a resource that illustrates the wide range of ways blind and deaf-blind people experience the world in 2022.

Airing time: Mondays at 5pm

Blind Low Vision NZ Taranaki commissioned a project to provide a resource of recorded conversations that illustrate the wide range of ways blind and deaf-blind people experience the world in 2022.


This show is also archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library.


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Geoff and Halina

Halina and Geoff talk about being socially isolated at school and university, one knowing and the other not knowing why. We hear about effortlessly painting pure beauty, heartbeats synchronized with horses, having more fun with affordable taxis and we wrestle with banking issues and more.

Duration: 1:01:31 | Date: 3 October, 2022

Geoff, Lance, Graham and Andrea

Associate Professor Andrea Vincent describes how genetic testing is now available for the 280 retinal and 960 eye genes but is not always successful. The experiences of Lance, Graham and Geoff teach us about the complex genetics of glaucoma highlighting the need for early detection, antisense oligonucleotide trials, gene therapy, stem cell therapy and the power of genetic diagnosis.

Duration: 00:46:09 | Date: 26 September, 2022

Geoff and Jonathan Part 2

Jonathan elaborates on his advocacy work starting with the real costs of blindness being determined by money supply. Inspired by Greg Newbold Quest for Equity his home is with Blind Citizens NZ tackling everyday issues, such as audio announcements, e bikes and health needs. He ends by explaining how connectors will enable us to make meaningful choices.

Duration: 00:43:53 | Date: 19 September, 2022

Geoff and Jonathan Part 1

Jonathan Godfrey and Geoff explain how their brains in seeking input resort to overlaying the actual world with phantom visions. When not compromised by a blocked ear or blustery wind-washing away sound, Jonathan’s innate awareness creates a topological map of his surroundings. We learn about the precision of Braille R and tactile graphics including swell paper.

Duration: 00:45:31 | Date: 12 September, 2022

Amanda and Wendy

Wendy tells Amanda about her dual sensory loss, the challenges of learning English but not Braille and her research with the deaf blind community. She describes her furry colourful African violets, the sensation of being watched while walking around in a small bubble of experience and feeling demotivated by the exaggerated praise of others.

Duration: 00:50:20 | Date: 5 September, 2022

Geoff, Lindsey & Brian

Brian talks about witnessing both his grandmother and father losing their vision. Lindsay and Brian then tell Geoff about eye injections for their macular degeneration. They describe the warping of horizontal and vertical lines, the value of having the same procedure followed each time by super supportive staff and the immediate effects and long-term benefits of anti-VEGF injections.

Duration: 00:41:00 | Date: 29 August, 2022

Geoff and Pic

Pic teaches Geoff about life in the fast lane, using his retirement to enrich Nelson with a vibrant social life and big machines to make the best peanut butter for the whole world. Go to book number 138104 at BLVNZ Library to hear more of Pic’s adventures.

Duration: 00:52:45 | Date: 22 August, 2022

Sue and Judy

Judy describes how her life was transformed when age 16 her thick ugly glasses, constantly in danger of being snatched or scratched, were replaced by contact lenses, which were not an option for Sue because of her nystagmus. Now they value audio descriptions, not remarks like over there, and Judy loves her cane because she is now free from explanations.

Duration: 00:40:21 | Date: 15 August, 2022

Lance, Geoff and Graham

Graham tells Lance and Geoff about his adventures on the Outward Bound Course, building tiny houses designed on golden proportions and how celestial calendars are his guide to sustainable living.

Duration: 00:37:24 | Date: 8 August, 2022

Geoff and Johnathan

Jonathan proudly embraces our culture and celebrates our different abilities, emphasizing the need for our inclusion in the workplace. He debates with Geoff the inner workings of the mind, the vitality we gain from healthy eating, and a future that will keep e-scooters at bay.

Duration: 1:13:36 | Date: 1 August, 2022

Geoff and Martine

Martine celebrates Braille, the great cornerstone of her life, brimming with international experience. She tells Geoff about employment hubs, safety in numbers, overcoming cane stigma, blind culture and finding our strengths. Watch her full story at

Duration: 00:58:15 | Date: 25 July, 2022

Lance and Brian

Brian shares his wealth of knowledge and award-winning experience in the disability sector with Lance. They talk about promoting accessibility, double seat scooters, disability awareness courses, and our new minister.

Duration: 00:55:53 | Date: 18 July, 2022

Richard and Aleister

Aleister tells Richard of the many ways he helps others when he is not keeping the place tidy, weeding by feel and recycling metals to fund the Nationals in bowls.

Duration: 00:48:01 | Date: 11 July, 2022

Sue And Amanda

Amanda tells Sue how she twice has had to reconstruct her rich and fulfilling life, after suddenly losing first her vision and later her hearing and balance. She vividly describes her beautiful art, healthy ways of communicating by touch and when audio description really works.

Duration: 59:43 | Date: 4 July, 2022

Geoff, Christine and Elizabeth

Christine talks about adapting to the sudden loss of the left half of her vision, causing havoc with shopping, cooking and getting around, made worse by visual memory trying to help out. Elizabeth tells us how she got to stand and become science mad, writing books and talking string theory.

Duration: 1:08:59 | Date: 27 June, 2022

Lance and Gene

Gene Gibson talks with Lance Girling-Butcher about adapting to vision loss, guide dogs and helpful gadgets. Check out Gene's website: to find loads of helpful tips and tricks

Duration: 00:55:27 | Date: 20 June, 2022

Geoff and Bev Part 2

Bev McCulloch tells Geoff Aiken about growing up in Auckland away from her family in Wellington, making friends at Sunrise, playing sports and performing in a band. We hear about body language, elephant feet, skiing with her children, her love for dogs, and how times have changed.

Duration: 00:43:55 | Date: ,

Geoff and Bev Part 1

Bev McCulloch tells Geoff Aiken about growing up in Auckland away from her family in Wellington, making friends at Sunrise, playing sports and performing in a band. We hear about body language, elephant feet, skiing with her children, her love for dogs, and how times have changed.

Duration: 00:42:40 | Date: 6 June, 2022

Geoff and Lance

Lance Girling-Butcher talks to Geoff Aiken about his visual memories and dreams, being treated for glaucoma, being disorientated by hearing loss and how dyslexia helped him find solutions on the council. We hear about toilet designs, book clubs, Len Lye, the Festival of Lights, and much more.

Duration: 1:06:49 | Date: 30 May, 2022

Brendan, Louie and Tarryn

Brendan Cresswell talks with Louie deThiery about how he lost his sight as a premature baby. He talks about his early education, the support he receives, and his love for music. The theme song for Talking About Seeing is Loiue playing Acker Bilk's "Stranger on the Shore" on his clarinet.
Then Tarryn Wallace and Brendan Cresswell share their stories of visual impairment. Tarryn finishes the episode and brings tears to our eyes with her beautiful voice.

Duration: 00:50:02 | Date: 23 May, 2022