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That C Word

Our show is another way to share and discuss the topics of cancer, and all things related to it. The good, the bad, the wonderful, that sad.

Airing time: Tuesdays 6pm

It’s only a word. Not a big word, but one that can change lives forever. Not talking about it won’t make it go away, but maybe sharing information, stories, and lived experience can empower us to deal with it.

That 'C' Word is bought to you by the Taranaki Cancer Society. Our show is another way to share and discuss cancer, and all things related to it. The good, the bad, the wonderful, the sad.

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Bringing Back Relay For Life

Kate and Lisa talk and revisit Relay For Life and how this looks now compared to last time – Relay Your Way (virtual event). They discuss the physical event that’s coming up on March 25th, what to expect at a Relay event and how to register a team if you’re keen to be part of this fun, inspiring, and very special annual event.

Duration: 00:29:50 | Date: 24 January, 2023

Breast Cancer and Paddling the River

Kate talks to Kathleen Moriaty and Yo Oliver about their breast cancer journeys, and how that led them to being a part of the Taranaki Pinks, the local breast cancer division of dragon-boating here in Taranaki - Taranaki Dragons.

Duration: 00:30:19 | Date: 10 January, 2023

Introducing Kia Ora E Te Iwi

Kate talks with Janine Luke-Taamaru – Service Delivery Manager for the Central Districts division of the Cancer Society about the new programme that is to be rolled out next year - Kia Ora e te Iwi. A kaupapa Maori programme that has been created to support and awhi whānau Māori across the motu, with a focus on helping whānau increase knowledge about cancer and its treatment, about services and support available, how to cope with side effects, and how to live life well.

Duration: 00:30:06 | Date: 27 December, 2022

Staying Sunsmart this Summer

Kate addresses our extremely high statistics for skin cancer and discusses Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation and how to stay safe in the sun this summer as we will be hitting unprecedented levels of UV exposure this summer. Kate talks about how skin cancers are largely preventable if we just follow the simple rules - Slip Slop Slap and Wrap

Duration: 00:30:16 | Date: 13 December, 2022

Abi from CanTeen

I am joined by Abi Clark, Youth Worker at CanTeen – Central Hub. We discuss the amazing support that CanTeen provides in the community for young people/rangatahi affected by a cancer diagnosis, how to access their services and how we all work together in the cancer space.

Duration: 00:30:10 | Date: 29 November, 2022

Look Good, Feel Better

Kate and Rachael Utumapu from Look Good, Feel Better talk about the programme, who it’s aimed at, and how to register.

Duration: 00:29:13 | Date: 15 November, 2022

I've Been Diagnosed... Now What?

I am joined by Monique Shaw who is one of four Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists who work at Taranaki Base Hospital, and she is also Chairperson of Taranaki Cancer Society Executive Board. We discuss her roles, a common process for diagnosis, and cancer/oncology supports in our community.

Duration: 00:29:51 | Date: 1 November, 2022

Amber Shares Her Reasons Why

Kate talks with Amber Mathew, Marathon in a Month participant, volunteer and Taranaki Cancer Society Executive Board member. They discuss the reasons she got so involved, and how she previously managed to raise thousands for our latest event - Marathon in a Month.

Duration: 00:30:03 | Date: 18 October, 2022

Daffodil Day Done and Dusted, What's Next?

I am joined by Lisa, our Fundraising/Events Coordinator and Tracy, our Volunteer Coordinator as we unpack Daffodil Day and our other current events.

Duration: 00:29:55 | Date: 13 September, 2022