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The Boundless Salvation Hour

In this hour, we will be encouraged with stories of hope and testimonies of lives transformed by the love of God.

Airing time: Sunday at 6pm, new show every fortnight

The Boundless Salvation Hour with Captain Karl Foreman from the New Plymouth Salvation Army.

           Te Ope Whakaora….’The Army that Brings Life!”

In this hour, we will be encouraged with stories of hope and testimonies of lives transformed by the love of God. We will have a mix of traditional Salvation Army music with Brass Bands and Songsters as well as contemporary Christian Music.

It will also be a space where you can hear about the various Ministries the Salvation Army offer to the local Community.

God Bless you all and may you know this wonderful Boundless Salvation.

                      Manaaki te Atua ia Koutou.

                                Captain Karl.


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Graeme Lowe

Graeme spent years in the NZ Navy, at 16 years of age, heavy drinking and smoking became a way of life, until Graeme entered the Salvation Army Bridge in Wellington.
Graeme says, "the Salvation Army gave me my life back."

Duration: 00:59:20 | Date: 29 January, 2023

Captain Robert Adams

Robert is passionate about seeing God's Kingdom revealed here on Earth, tune on tonight at 6pm to hear Robert's testimony.

Duration: 1:00:20 | Date: 15 January, 2023

Celebrating the New Year

We are celebrating the start of the New Year! Can you believe it's 2023!!

Duration: 00:57:57 | Date: 1 January, 2023

Christmas Stories and Carols

Captain Karl will be sharing some Christmas stories and a few good old Christmas Carols, sit back and enjoy the hour of worship and praise!

Duration: 00:59:32 | Date: 18 December, 2022

Chris Welson

Chris Welson - Known to many around the Country, as the Traveling Cowboy! Chris is an amazing musician and has a courageous story of Recovery.

Duration: 1:00:00 | Date: 4 December, 2022

Captain Janet Green

Captain Janet Green shares her story of going from 'Religion' to 'Relationship'. A courageous story of becoming vulnerable and free!

Duration: 00:59:53 | Date: 20 November, 2022

Pat Robinson

Pat Robinson shares her story of a life of brokenness and a continual search for love until she finds the power of God's unfailing Love.

Duration: 00:58:22 | Date: 30 October, 2022

Adrian Pritchard

Today's guest is Adrian Pritchard. Adrian comes from Hastings; he came to faith in God while serving an 8-year prison sentence. This is another incredible testimony of how God can bring light into darkness.

Duration: 00:57:11 | Date: 16 October, 2022

Big Steve Bennitt

Big Steve has a wonderful story to share with us, all I can say is...."his heart has changed!!" If you had known Steve a year ago - you will be amazed at the transformation!

Duration: 00:58:25 | Date: 2 October, 2022

Bobby Wells

Another amazing testimony of a life of addiction to cannabis and meth - when he cries out to God in darkness of a cell....and the rest is history.

Duration: 00:58:02 | Date: 18 September, 2022