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Frankly Friday

Anne meets with new guests every Friday to give a voice and platform to those in our community. 

Airing time: Fridays at 9am

Anne meets with new guests every Friday to give a voice and platform to those in our community. 


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Taranaki Heritage Month

The second annual Taranaki Heritage Month is nearly upon us. Anne talks with Rob Green, Ivan Bruce and Bryan Vickery from Heritage Taranaki to find out what's in store. Featuring the music of Irish folk group, Grada, ahead of their New Plymouth performance in a few weeks.

Duration: 01:00:16 | Date: 22 September, 2023

Danny Caldwell

Question: What do Texas Hold ‘em Poker, film making, Taranaki and raising funds for charity have in common? Answer: Danny Caldwell.

Duration: 00:59:57 | Date: 15 September, 2023

Talking Turkey

Local band, Turkey the Bird, have a new live album about to be released and are planning a release party. Andre Manella joins Anne to talk about the album launch, the band, and his other musical endeavours, and to share some of the tracks with us.

Duration: 00:57:51 | Date: 8 September, 2023

September is Wills Month

Listen in to find out all about creating a legacy for future generations. Anne is joined by Taranaki Foundation CEO, Josh Hickford. They talk about the importance of having a will, and the whys and how tos of leaving a charitable gift in your will. Find out how Taranaki Foundation works and find out a little more about 'Destination Play'.

Duration: 00:56:12 | Date: 1 September, 2023

Bat Cave Beats

Rene Fritzen is one of the organisers of BatCave Beats, the upcoming Goth event happening in Ngamotu in a couple of weeks. He joins Anne to talk about what it is to be ‘goth’, explore the spectrum of sounds that fall under that heading, and we find out more about the bands and DJs that will be performing at the event.

Duration: 00:57:03 | Date: 25 August, 2023

Te Waka ō Hape

Hannah Watson is making a change in the world and to the lives of people with disabilities through her business Te Waka ō Hape. She talks with Anne about how her own experiences in care and with a disability have influenced her to become a social worker being heard differently.

Duration: 1:01:58 | Date: 18 August, 2023

It's Not All Rubbish

There’s a theme today: Susanne Rawson, from Heritage Preservation and Field Support Solutions, is in to talk about her new show, ‘Preserving Our Past’ (Tuesdays at 6pm). Then we are joined by Dave and Mia, in to talk about a cool family event happening at the Enviro-Hub with a focus on waste minimisation and management.
As an added bonus, hear our own Mikaela Nyman talking about her week in Vanuatu at the Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival.

Duration: 1:01:39 | Date: 11 August, 2023

Kian from Iran

Kian (not his real name) talks about the real situation in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the impact of the Islamic Republic on the rest of the world, and makes an empassioned plea for NZ and NZers to support the people of Iran towards "women, life, freedom".

Duration: 00:58:01 | Date: 4 August, 2023

A Double Bill of Double Bills

Anne meets Hollie Newsome from Footnote NZ Dance and Katie Rudd from NZ Dance Company. Both are Ngāmotu locals, and both are excited to be performing here, as their companies bring their double acts to town.

Duration: 00:54:03 | Date: 21 July, 2023

Angela Roberts is in the House

Meet Taranaki’s Labour List MP, Angela Roberts - who is she, how did she get to be list MP, and what are her passions? Find out, also, what IS a list MP and how is it different to an elected MP.

Duration: 00:59:08 | Date: 14 July, 2023

Frau Knotz

Frau Knotz is a fresh, new talent out of New Plymouth - singer, pianist, producer and composer of some very cool electronica music. She talks with Anne about her life and her music, and even shares two brand-new, not-yet released tracks

Duration: 00:59:41 | Date: 7 July, 2023

Andrew Cotter - All About Fire

Andrew Cotter is a senior advisor on reducing fire risk for FENZ, Taranaki district. He talks with Anne about his 16 years with the fire service, about FENZ, and about what you can do to stay fire safe.

Duration: 1:00:00 | Date: 30 June, 2023

Forget Everything

Meet Dylan and Ryan, two Yr 12 students fron Spotswood who, together with their mate Luther, are launching our newest show, "Forget Everything You Know". They talk about their show, their music, school and the impacts of lockdowns and teachers' strikes on their schooling.

Duration: 00:59:35 | Date: 23 June, 2023

Hannah is the Most Naked

Hannah Tasker-Poland talks about “The Most Naked”, her powerful and challenging show in the Right Royal Cabaret Festival.

Duration: 00:45:28 | Date: 16 June, 2023

Mangapeepeke Valley Revisited

In a follow-up, catch-up episode of Frankly Friday, Anne talks with Tony and Debbie Pascoe, owner/occupiers of the Mangapeepeke Valley land under threat from the Mt Messenger bypass, along with supporter Russell Gibbs.

Duration: 00:58:50 | Date: 9 June, 2023

Right Royal Cabaret Fest

TAFT’s Megan Brown and Rebecca Kapernick are in to give us a rundown of the fabulous cabaret delights in store for audiences during the Right Royal Cabaret Festival.

Duration: 00:58:40 | Date: 2 June, 2023

Lady W and Lady E - Steampunkers

Welcome to the wild and whacky world of Steampunk, from top hats and trinkets to bustles and tea duels, Lady Watsonia and Lady Esmeralda live and breathe all things steampunk.

Duration: 1:00:04 | Date: 26 May, 2023

Africa Day

Anne chats with Cheryl and Petunia about Africa Day on the 20th of May, at the Merrilands hall 12:30-4:30pm!

Duration: 1:00:10 | Date: 19 May, 2023

Hamish Guthrie

Hamish Guthrie has a background in radio. And he loves history.
Listen to find out how both of these passions come together with his latest project, Taranaki Media Archive

Duration: 01:00:21 | Date: 12 May, 2023

Katie Wolfe- The Haka Party Incident

New Plymouth born director and actor, Katie Wolfe, talks with Anne about her life and career, and about the play she is bringing to New Plymouth audiences, The Haka Party Incident. Based on true events at Auckland University in 1979, the incident has been described as ‘the last NZ war’.

Duration: 00:52:56 | Date: 28 April, 2023