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Title: The Fabric of Sin - Series: Merrily Watkins #9

Written by: Phil Rickman 

Book cover. Red and black graveyard scene. 

The Fabric of Sin is the ninth chilling case for vicar and exorcist Merrily Watkins.

Garway church was built by medieval Knights Templar. After seven centuries, the Welsh border village is still shadowed in their mysteries. Why do the local pubs have astrological names? What happened in Garway to intimidate the Edwardian ghost-story writer M.R. James? And why is it impossible to find a builder prepared to restore the ancient Master House, a few fields away from Garway church?

Deliverance Consultant Merrily Watkins is ordered to investigate by Bishop Hereford. Initially unconvinced that anything is amiss, a violent death changes everything and Merrily's inquiries soon uncover hidden layers of sin and retribution in this secretive landscape.

Warned off when she stumbles into forbidden areas, Merrily has no option but to conceal a major crime as she returns to Garway to find fibres of fear stitched into history and insidiously twisted in the corridors – and the cloisters – of power.

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